How to check availability

Click the area that you're interested in. A new map will appear for that area showing availability. Red squares indicated the seats have been reserved. If you want to change locations, click the "Select a different location" link in the right hand corner above the map. 

Availability: 36

Event Details

Starts on:0606/01/180106/01/182018
Location:The Sapphire Room


Seating reservation for 2018-19 Instructions:

  1. Select one or two participants. Use 2 participants when reserving 2 seats.
  2. Click "Book Now" to view seating chart. (lower right button under map)
  3. Click the area on the map you would like to reserve.
  4. A new map will appear with numbered cells. Click the seat number/s you would like to reserve.
  5. Purchaser Info will appear. Type your name, email, and click the box for "Terms of Service."
  6. Click "Confirm Reservation.

    Note, this process only holds your reservation until payment is received by either Online Purchase or Mail Purchase. Click Tickets on the homepage and choose purchase options.  You will have fourteen (14) days to make your membership purchase, after which time, the seats you have reserved here will be released back into the system.

You must Login using the red button below BEFORE reserving any seat.




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Season at a Glance

This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.

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