Help Support the Great American Art Form of Jazz in Boise-Year Round!

Take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit!

Donations to the Boise Jazz Society are through Boise State University and qualify for an Idaho Educational Tax Credit — a reduction in the actual tax you owe.  If you itemize your taxes, a donation to any of our education campaigns below may create income tax deductions on both your state and federal returns, plus a 50% Idaho income tax credit.

Your tax benefit is dependent on your personal income level and filing status.  Please contact your tax consultant for additional information.

The Boise Jazz Society greatly appreciates all private support toward sustaining and enhancing our mission of jazz artistry and education throughout Idaho. Your donation will be designated in support of the Boise Jazz Society, helping sustain the annual subscription series of concerts, Boise Community Jazz Symposia, Jazz Extra Concerts, and jazz artist residencies dedicated to jazz education clinics, workshops, and special student concerts. All contributions are held in the Boise State University Department of Music Boise Jazz Society account and are tax deductible as allowed by federal and state law.  All contributors received priority seating request for the upcoming season.

Contribute today, choose at one of the "jazzy" levels below:

  • The Big Band $1000-$2499
  • Beboppers $500–$999
  • Swingers $250–$499
  • Mainstreamers $100–$249
  • Hipsters $50–$99

All Contributions Support the Jazz Artistry and Jazz Education!

Make your check and mail to:

The Boise Jazz Society
Boise State University
Department of Music
1910 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725-1560


For more information please contact:
Mike Samball, Director
Boise Jazz Society @ Boise State University
Department of Music
1910 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725-1560
(208) 426-3498

Season Sponsors

Ann and Scott Tuthill


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Concert Sponsors

Ann and Scott Tuthill
Dara and Joe Longobardi

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In Memory: Patti and Les Smith
The Catherine and James Deblasio Family
The Barry B. Staum Boise Jazz Society Endowment

Corporate Support


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